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Real Colors® Management Workshop

Workshop Overview

The Real Colors® Management Workshop provides an opportunity for professionals to examine who they are and how they relate to their associates in the workplace.  Attendees learn their distinct temperament (Blue, Gold, Green, or Orange), gaining insight into their thought process and management style.  The class then participates in an interactive, fun group activity that details the things that are important to each temperament.  Discussions reveal insight critical for understanding and managing each unique temperament in today’s workplace.  The session concludes with an inspirational and insightful presentation, documenting real-world examples of management success and defining the building blocks for improved results via temperament management.

Who Should Attend

This exciting seminar will provide you with the skills necessary to successfully manage individuals in today’s fast-paced and challenging work environment.  Any manager or manager in training looking for professional development that;

  •  Documents your management style into one of four easy to understand temperaments
  • Documents key factors in successful management including information processing, learning style, motivation, listening, and the ability to recognize your strengths and those of others
  • Includes group based activities and interaction that identify effective ways of managing people based on their personality style
  • Identifies techniques to become a successful manager
  • Presents real-world examples of how managers have used this information to achieve outstanding team oriented results

About the Facilitator

Paul Finley is the owner of Paul Finley Consulting and the former Mayor of the City of Madison, Alabama (2008-2012).  Paul graduated from Murray State University with a BS in Marketing and has over 25 years of sales and marketing experience.  He is a Certified as a Real Colors® facilitator.

As a business owner, business developer, trainer, consultant, teacher, and presenter, he has developed world-class, real-world principles, knowledge and experience. The hallmarks of Finley are insight, integrity, follow through, and a down-to-earth, common sense approach to business—all blended with a gift for language and a good sense of humor.

About Real Colors®

Real Colors® Personality Instrument is a leading edge tool that bridges temperament theory and real life applications in a way that is easy to understand, fun to learn and that offers unprecedented levels of retention. Using Real Colors®, people learn to recognize, accept and value the differences in others while improving understanding, empathy and communication.

Real Colors® is a product of the National Curriculum and Training Institute’s (NCTI).

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As the United Way of Madison County Director of Resource Development for 11 years, I used teambuilding rope courses to enhance our Loaned Executive Training Program.  It served as a tremendous asset in giving the team additional tools to help work with a small group of people who were tasked with coming together and accomplishing a daunting task of raising millions of dollars for the community in a very short period of time. Fast forward 10 years . . . I was recently introduced to REAL COLORS and knew immediately that I needed to replace the ropes course with REAL COLORS!  It was the best thing I ever did!  All of our volunteers had participated in personality assessments before, but REAL COLORS was significantly different.  Not only does REAL COLORS shed light on WHO we are and how WE operate, it clearly identifies how we can appreciate and work more effectively and productively with others who may be polar opposite of our personality and not be negatively affected by our differences. Since our training, as a team, there have been many times when we have been preparing for a company presentation and discussing strategy and someone will ask: “What color are they?” I am also thrilled to be able to return these volunteers back into their perspective workplaces with valuable tools that they can use every day to enhance their careers and positively impact their relationships with their fellow co-workers. Thank you, Paul Finley, for working your magic with our United Way Loaned Executive Team and Staff. There is no doubt in my mind that, in the very near future, we will be announcing record-breaking fundraising totals thanks to REAL COLORS!  
Claudia A. Bucher, Director of Resource Development, United Way of Huntsville/Madison County
The team at iHeartMedia loved our training with Paul Finley!    Paul creates an environment that makes learning fun and in addition, it’s great for team building.    It’s been rewarding for me to watch our team put into action what they learned as they deal with clients and co-workers. I would highly recommend Paul’s training program to any company looking to offer new and innovative training solutions to their employees.  
Carmelita Palmer, Market President, iHeartMedia - Huntsville
Paul Finley has been an energizing force in our health system by providing Real Colors training to our leaders.  In fact, his training has been so contagious that he has been invited back by them to train their entire teams.  His enthusiasm, knowledge base and ability to maintain high energy in training are most beneficial. While Paul is eager to customize to meet specific needs, he interjects meaningful examples that bring to life the learning objectives.
Sherry K. Basile, PhD, Director of Learning & Development, Tanner Health System
I am impressed with the efficiency of the REAL Colors workshop as it provides insight into the strengths and challenges of a team within a relatively short session. My team is packed with “Type A” leaders and REAL Colors helped me better understand how I can better manage their expectations and performance.
Brenda Carr, Vice President Development, US Space & Rocket Center
Participating in Paul's Real Colors exercise was one of the highlights of my Leadership Management Academy retreat. Real Colors revealed my blue temperate - which helped me understand how to better communicate and relate to others in my company. Paul did a great job presenting the material, leading us through the exercise, and educating us how to put the analysis to good use.
Joe Holmes, Manager, Strategic Communications, LSINC
The time we spent on personnel development using Real Colors® has been most impactful to our staff. Our administrative team has produced dramatic results since our Real Colors® training. I highly recommend it for other managers looking for a training mechanism that will build relationships and positively impact their organization.
Dr. Dee Fowler, Superintendent, Madison City Schools
I enjoyed Paul Finley’s Real Colors® presentation because not only did it demonstrate and explain some of the different perspectives of people on our team, it actually brought to my attention some distinct similarities of which I was previously unaware between myself and others. This was a very insightful program and I highly recommend it for managers.
Ginny Langbehn, Director of Advancement, U.S. Space & Rocket Center
While I have completed other assessments: Myers/Briggs, DISC, etc. I found that Real Colors® was the most beneficial for me. It was something I could easily relate to and remember. More importantly it did not just focus on me and my "COLOR" but on how I need to relate and understand people of different "COLORS". As a business owner that is absolutely critical for me to understand. I was so impressed with this system that I will introduce it and implement it into my company as a communication tool.
Mark Gerecht, CEO, Mentor Enterprises Inc.